Homeowners Insurance - Norwalk, Iowa

Enduring Iowa winters and spring thunderstorms can be frustrating, but when your home is damaged? rest assured because you have protection through Absolute Insurance Agency!

At a glance terminology?

  • Water Backup: This coverage protects the insured against loss caused by water backing up through the sewers or drains (provided it is not caused by the negligence of the insured)
  • Replacement Cost: The cost of replacing destroyed or damaged property, without deduction for depreciation in the value of the property.
  • Watches, Jewelry, Furs: watches, jewelry, furs and precious stones are subject to a special limit that is the total limit for each occurrence. These special limits do not increase the personal property limit of liability.
  • Insurable Interest: Interest in property such that loss or destruction of the property could cause a loss.

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Quoted as the largest investment in your life, your home means more to you than mere dollar signs. At Absolute Insurance Agency, we understand that. We strive to make sure that your home is covered to the amount to rebuild and not just what your loan amount is for. We also review your needs for sewer back-up, flood, earthquake, and identity theft. You may also have a need for fine arts, furs, guns and jewelry coverage that normally have strict limits and restrictions.

Don?t own just yet? Then make sure to cover yourself with Renters Insurance. It's really quite affordable!!!

  • We use up to date Construction Cost Matrices to determine insurance value on your home (not market or assessed values).
  • We will customize your policy to fit your needs with extensive endorsements available.
  • Renovating? let us know? it could save you big money as updates are made!
  • Maximize your savings by increasing your deductible.
  • On an Adjustable Rate loan? Contact us before your payments go through the roof!!!